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Bricsys BricsCad Platinium (x86/x64)
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Bricsys BricsCad Platinium (x86/x64)
Bricsys BricsCad Platinium (x86/x64) | 470 Mb (Total)

A powerful CAD platform, with features familiar to you from native .dwg applications. BricsCAD® unifies advanced 2D design with the intelligence of 3D direct modeling. For Windows, Linux, and Mac.
BricsCAD Platinum
- Powerful CAD functions
- 2D constraints solving
- Full support of LISP
- Chapoo connectivity
- Direct 3D modeling
- Rendering, materials, and lighting
- VBA1 & BRX
- 3D constraints solving
- BricsCAD Communicator 2
- 3D constraint creation
- Design intent recognition
- Assembly modeling
- Sheet Metal

What's News
BIM for BricsCAD V17 adds sites, BIM patches, rooms and and an extensive structure browser. On top of that, detail sections and sections views are improved significantly. BricsCAD BIM lifts creativity, not complexity. With BricsCAD BIM you can go through all stages without leaving the .dwg platform, no extra software needed!

BricsCAD V17 brings the power of Building Information Modeling to the .dwg world. Create intuitively without limitation as you would do in SketchUp - but be faster and more precise. BricsCAD BIM combines in one product the most advanced 3D sketch modeler with full IFC certified BIM functionality. It allows you to work through all the typical design stages without leaving the .dwg platform.

BricsCAD V17 brings the power of Building Information Modeling to the .dwg world
A site with many buildings
A single drawing file now contains the ability to create and work with multiple buildings that can each have single or multiple storeys

Now you can work with the different plies of your walls, floors and roofs of your BIM. Just select the objects with compositions assigned, turn the compositions on, and you can select an individual ply within that wall to refine and better represent your design.

Home Page - http://www.bricsys.com/

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