TeamSpeak 3.0.17
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TeamSpeak 3.0.17

TeamSpeak — компьютерная программа, предназначенная для голосового общения в сети Интернет посредством технологии VoIP. От классического телефона отличается практически неограниченным количеством абонентов, разговаривающих одновременно. Больше всего это похоже на многоканальную рацию, в которой можно одновременно пользоваться несколькими каналами. При этом доступны все опции, разработанные ранее для удобства использования раций в полевых (боевых) условиях. Программы этого типа предназначены прежде всего для геймеров, но могут использоваться везде, где необходима голосовая связь и координация большой группы людей.

Изменения в 3.0.17:
- Updated to Qt 5.4.1
- Added automatic crashdump upload, replacing the old manual upload to the forum. In case of a crash, a report tool will show and ask the user if the dump should be automatically uploaded to our servers.
- Collect and send anonymous statistics about users hardware and operating system to us for internal decisions (which hardware and OS version needs to be supported - etc.). Disabled by default, user will be asked by a dialog the first time, to agree to send the data. Decision can be changed later in Options/Application/Anonymous Statistics. What exactly is being sent is displayed in the client log. If agreed, data is sent once per month. Users on beta channel always send the data.
- Added new translations: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.
- Added multilingual license agreement dialog due to legal requirements.
- Added multilingual newsticker with support for dynamic update periods.
- Multilingual Windows installer.
- Iconpacks default_colored_2014 and default_mono_2014 updated. Some icons were overhauled and some new were added.
- OS X: Added support for GateKeeper Version 2 signatures for OS X 10.9 and above.
- Added more icon names to settings.ini.
- Improved support for high resolution Retina displays.
- Added dialog to restart client after changing iconpack or language.
- Added taskbar flashing on incoming chat message.
- Updated Windows C++ runtime to version 120.
- Fixed URL capture when emoticon replacement is enabled. The emoticon :/ was replaced inside hyperlinks (http://) and thus ruined the link. Also fixed clientid:// and channelid:// links, which were affected by the same problem.
- Fixed scaling of various images.
- Fixed possible crashes related to filetransfer.
- Changed appearance of poke dialog when client is minimized, hidden or behind a fullscreen application.
- Fixed crash with rotating users in 3D sound.
- Fixed possible crash with some Bluetooth controllers.
- Fixed searching server tree for custom name and nickname.
- Fixed sending offline messages to multiple users.
- Fixed issue with chat partner disconnecting.
- Fixed special character treatment in TSDNS resolver.
- Fixed various issues with URL tagging.
- Reworked UTF-8 conversion backend.
- Fixed possible crash with invalid texts in virtual server settings dialog.
- Removed appscanner plugin due to questionable usefulness

Информация о файле:
ОС: Windows
Язык: English
Разработчик: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
Размер: 57.4 MB

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