ICQ 8.4.7786 + Portable
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ICQ 8.4.7786 + Portable

ICQ - Самая популярная программа для общения посредством мгновенных сообщений. От множества альтернативных клиентов для подключения к ICQ-сервисам оригинал отличается ярким дизайном, играми, аватарами, визитными карточками, множеством украшательств и т. п. Программа выполнена в стиле американских тинэйджеров, что, в общем-то, может быть, придется по душе определенной категории пользователей.

Последний представитель имеет все тот же красочный интерфейс, который должен привлечь поклонников «красоты» внешнего вида программы. Изменению дизайна подверглось практически все, только вот реклама, к сожалению, никуда не девалась. Оформление графической оболочки выполнено в стиле, близком к интерфейсу Aero (из новой ОС Windows Vista), однако в своей основе используется технология Flash, что подразумевает наличие в системе установленных компонентов Adobe Flash Player. Смена окон сопровождается дополнительными эффектами, которые создают некоторую плавность.

ICQ is a program that lets you find your friends and associates online in real time. You can create a Contact List containing only people you want to have there, you can send them messages, chat with them, send files, configure ICQ to work with external applications and more. In addition to familiar features such as chat, SMS messaging, and file-transfer capabilities, the newest version includes ICQ Xtraz, which allow you to send personalized greeting cards, apply custom icons to your buddies, play online games, and customize your shortcuts panel for one-click access to all your favorite features. The ICQ Xtraz platform enables ICQ to present users with a selection of new services as they are created, without the need for you to download a new client. Xtraz also supports the creation of new ICQ features that can be built separately from the core ICQ client and then delivered and automatically updated over time. The new interface also is clean and intuitive, so you can start chatting quickly and easily.

The most popular method of communication on ICQ is instant messaging, enabling you to send a message that immediately pops up on an online contact's screen. But there's a lot more to ICQ than that.

With ICQ Instant Messenger you can video/audio chat, send email, SMS and wireless-pager messages, as well as transfer files and URLs. If you're away from your personal computer you can still chat with friends and contacts, even where the ICQ client is not installed, by using the web-based ICQ2Go that works from any computer.

With ICQ 7 you can customize your ICQ to be exactly what you need and always up-to-date by adding shortcuts to your favorite features in order to launch them directly from your ICQ. This means that you can send your friends & contacts greeting cards and invitations to games, multi chats, video sessions, and more directly from your client and/or the message window. In the message window you can also choose to display your photo or one of ICQ's unique, animated devils.

Prep all your senses to experience a whole new world of communication. With ICQ 7, you are the creator of your own experience. You can spin it, twist it, and show what you've got.
ICQ 7 - it's your show!

Год выпуска: 2015
Платформа: Windows® /XP/Vista/7/8
Язык интерфейса: ML + RuS
Лекарство: Не требуется
Размер: 35.6/38.1 Mb

ICQ 8.4.7786

ICQ 8.4.7786 Portable
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Теги: Portable

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