NewBlue Titler Pro 3.0.140827
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NewBlue Titler Pro 3.0.140827

NewBlue Titler Pro создает профессиональные 2D и 3D титры в видео на вашем тайм-линии быстро и эффективно. Программа интегрируется в Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, FCP, FCPX, Avid, Sony Vegas & Grass Valley Edius.

Что нового в Titler Pro 3:
QuickEdit multi-title editing - Manage text, images, and design of every title in your project in one UI.
Elastic Timeline - Make title templates which can intelligently stretch to conform to new lengths
Full background video playback - See your timeline video as the background in the Title Designer when allowed by the video editor
Blending modes - Choose blending modes for every object in the Titler Pro timeline
Depth-of-field lens control - Adjust wide or shallow depth of field for the scene
Normal-map textured materials - Apply normal maps to letters and shapes so that light reflects textures
Paragraph multi-select - Use multiple select with CTRL to move, change, or apply effects to multiple paragraphs at once
Video and still file export with alpha - Render video and still image files from Titler Pro
Multi-revolution counts on keyframes - Dial in multiple revolutions between keyframes
Timeline UI enhancements - Refined timeline with thinner tracks, show/hide, and collapse features
Export/Import of project packages - Export a package complete with all textures and fonts used for sharing or archiving
Full Project Template section in Library - New Project Template section allows to save complete projects in the Library

OS: Windows 7/8 (x64)
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