Prime Loops Midnight RnB Gold WAV
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Prime Loops Midnight RnB Gold WAV
Prime Loops Midnight RnB Gold WAV | 682.78 MB

In the early hours of the morning, when the tempo slows and it's time to unwind, turn the lights down low and the heat up high for a sexy "Midnight R&B Gold" session you'll never forget. This is our smoothest RnB song kit yet, ready to make Trey Songz and Chris Brown blush while Mariah and Alicia fall into your arms with your irresistible rhythm and charm...
Prepare for seduction with this sexed-up pack of ten supersmooth, ultra-modern R&B jams, fully broken down into more than 300 silky synth hooks, delicious basslines, tantalizing percussion patterns, sweet musical melodies and mesmerising guitar licks. Added to that, you also get an additional 100 smokin' hot one-shot drums for building your own beats from the ground up. Late-night tempos stretching from 50 to 95bpm will open your heart and take your audience to a deeper place.

As easy as unzipping a slinky velvet black dress, simply delve inside these comprehensive construction kits and rearrange the elements to bring your productions to a perfect climax.

These radio-ready loops have been mixed and mastered to cutting-edge chart standards, all files are 24-bit with crystal clear highs and plenty of movement down low. Light the candles, forget the world outside and fall in love with these solid bars of "Midnight R&B Gold".


10 Complete Song Kits
196 Loops

24 Snare & Clap Hits
14 Kick Hits
14 Hi Hat Hits
8 Cymbal Hits
26 Percussion Hits
9 FX Hits

24 Bit Quality

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