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CineSamples CineOrch KONTAKT-AudioP2P
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CineSamples CineOrch KONTAKT-AudioP2P
CineSamples CineOrch KONTAKT-AudioP2P | 476.72 MB

CineOrch is an orchestral mockup enhancer for the professional composer.

We hired a world-class 70 piece orchestra in a gorgeous space and sampled an enormous variety of chords, in major, minor, augmented and in a variety of inversions and articulations across the spectrum. In addition, we grabbed full orchestral tutti octaves, and lush low muted warm chords.

Why record octaves and chords instead of the standard way of sampling?

Short answer: We think it offers an option that is much quicker to compose with, while yielding remarkably realistic results.

To avoid this, you either need an intelligent scripting that splits up the notes of the chord into their respective sections (like the voice leading engine in VOXOS), or record a large variety of chordal possibilities and trigger them with single keys, thereby maintaining the natural instrument numbers and orchestral balance and panning.

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