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Best Service Emotional Cello v1.1.7 KONTAKT
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Best Service Emotional Cello v1.1.7 KONTAKT
Best Service Emotional Cello v1.1.7 KONTAKT | 5.37 GB

Emotional Cello is a new kind of virtual instrument, created by Harmonic Subtones to be used with Native Instrument's Kontakt 5 Player. Because of its powerful and simultaneously exceptional emotional sound, it opens up previously unknown verbal dimensions for the work with samples.
Emotional Cello is the perfect instrument for film-scoring, pop-production, song-writing, classic and modern avant-garde cello compositions. This unique virtual instrument shines by its impressive number of articulations, its direct uncolored sound quality, unusual play techniques and innovative rebowing.

Emotional Cello has been continuously recorded in a musical context to capture the natural bowing and the individual expressions of real instrumentalists. Thanks to intelligent scripting, 16 play-styles and true legato, this library offers immense versatile possible applications. Emotional Cello offers all typical play-styles and articulations as well as unusual techniques such as

sul ponticello legato and
flageolet legato,
morbid sustain,
ricochet and even
renaissance sounds



corrected mapping issues
corrected "release tail bug
fixed some instruments stop playing sustain pedal use added control over velocity response of crossfade patches
added control over dynamic range of crossfade patches

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