Cymatics Jack You Drums Vol 1 WAV
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Cymatics Jack You Drums Vol 1 WAV
Cymatics Jack You Drums Vol 1 WAV | 154 MB

Jack You Drums Vol 1 gives you the highest quality drum samples based on the #1 group in EDM. You can’t find drums like these anywhere else on the internet!
The possibilities of creating huge sounding tracks are endless when you have access to the same quality of drums as all the top producers have.

Your drums will never sound weak ever again. It doesn’t matter if you make Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, or any other form of Electronic Music - these drums will make your songs stick out!

....:::: Included in this pack ::::....
• 50 Kicks
• 50 Snares
• 50 Claps
• 50 Hihats
• 75 FX
• 100 Percs

DISCOVER | 23 November 2015

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Теги: Cymatics, Jack, Drums

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