Future Loops Dub Guitars Fx WAV
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Future Loops Dub Guitars Fx WAV
Future Loops Dub Guitars Fx WAV | 168 MB

Future Loops is proud to present Dub Guitar FX, a unique collection of dubified guitar FX that will ignite those creative sparks in your Dub productions! Sometimes all you need to make your track standout is that one-of-a-kind guitar sound effect or those out-of-the box guitar textures that are so essential in Dub productions and instantly make a tune that more special!
Been there ? Then you know that in times like these a synth FX just won't cut it , what you need are live recorded guitar fx so we packed Dub Guitar FX with 400 samples featuring all sort of licks, chords , guitar noises and yummy fret textures !

You get 200 Semi-Dry samples ( samples were recorded live with some delay , reverb or other types of fx ) and 200 Wet samples ( this is where the fun really begins - these are the original samples after being transported through a chain of all sorts of sonic abuse , processing and sound mangling ) . Any tempo-based FX applied to the samples was synced to the dub-friendly tempo of 70 BPM for easy match .

Dub Guitar FX is not only a fun pack but also a valuable production tool when you get those creative freezes , with hundreds of original and inventive guitar effects ready to bring a new dimension to your productions . And this pack is not limited to Dub , these guitar fx can be easily used in Dubstep , Drum N Bass, Ambient or in other chilled genres .


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