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Puremagnetik Synth700 KONTAKT Logic Live 9
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Puremagnetik Synth700 KONTAKT Logic Live 9
Puremagnetik Synth700 KONTAKT Logic Live 9
Live 9: 316 MB | Logic: 312 MB | KONTAKT: 312 MB

Synth700 is a complete Korg 700 multisampled instrument for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic. It has been expertly sampled and programmed with all of the details and nuances of the original.
Synth700 is constructed with over 1200 individual samples from an original MiniKorg 700. The filters, waveforms, chorusing, brightness and more have all been captured using Puremagnetik?s permutative technique, allowing the user to focus the sound directly on individual parameter settings - much like one would do with the original analog model.

Don?t let the single instrument or 8 Macros fool you. Synth700 is actually quite complex. There are over 256 individual parameter configurations based on what you dial in on the Macro controls. You just have to start fiddling around to get some great pads, synth strings/brass, basses and more!

The Ableton Live version of Synth700 includes a full and ?Lite? version. The full version includes 10 individual racks with hundreds of samples each, enabling the user to dial in specific sounds with precise resolution.

Specific modulation info for the EXS version
Waveform switching: Keys C-1 > E-1
Brightness: Velocity
Traveler: Mod Wheel

Synth700 Features
- A complete Mini Korg 700 synthesizer emulation
- Over 1200 high quality samples
- Ableton Live Racks with precise incremental controls
- Custom KSP Kontakt interface and easy-edit controls
- Logic / EXS channel strips with integrated instrument browsing

System Requirements
- Requires Ableton Live 8.2 and higher, Logic 8 and higher, or Kontakt 3.5 and higher
- 300 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space

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