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Epic Stock Media - Organic Nature WAV
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Epic Stock Media - Organic Nature WAV
Epic Stock Media - Organic Nature WAV | 1.31 GB

Here’s an ultra flexible and practical collection of ambient nature sounds that perform in the clutch when you need to call on the sounds of Mother Nature. Face it you can go on out and get wet, frozen, sunburned, soaked and sweaty and keep on delaying your production by trying to capture some of these sounds yourself. With the Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature ambient sound library you don’t even need to pack your umbrella. Just camp in your studio in the comfort of your own mixing desk and let mother nature speak in the form of more than 160 awesome ambient nature sounds.
This ensemble of pure source, raw and lightly edited field recordings works beautifully when set as the centerpiece of your ambient soundscapes. Just sweeten with your own elements and locale and create authentic environmental conditions that set the tone for great media experiences. The Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound library includes premium quality audio assets and over 3 full hours of sound covering; beaches, birds, fire, forests, freezing rain, ocean, rain, summer nights, thunderstorms, winter, woodlands, and a morning snow shower as well.

Forget about messing with your umbrella and suntan lotion, let the Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound effects library bring Mother Nature into your next game or media production. Includes the entire Epic Nature Loops collection too.

160+ files
2.1 GB
Includes the Epic Nature Loops Collection
All files in .WAV, 44,100, 16 Bit
Ambient Nature Sound Library with Over 3+ Hours
Field Recored in Tennessee, South Carolina, Washington State
Raw Source Recordings or Lightly Edited
Fire, Rain, Thunder, Freezing Rain
Ocean, Forests, Woods,
Winter, Spring, Summer Seasons
Long and Short Format Sound Clips
& More!

FANTASTiC 27 February 2016

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