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Bitwig Studio v1.3.8 WIN OSX LINUX-OLSNAD
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Bitwig Studio v1.3.8 WIN OSX LINUX-OLSNAD
Bitwig Studio v1.3.8 WIN OSX LINUX-OLSNAD
WIN: 172MB | OSX: 198MB | LINUX: 231MB

Bitwig Studio is a dynamic software solution for music creation and performance to realize all of your musical ideas in every stage of production. From sound design to music creation, discover the new standard in customized workflow. Bitwig Studio inspires you to take greater control of your productions, giving you access to every aspect of your workflow as needed. Streamline your creative process and quickly take your music from ideas to complete songs, tracks and compositions. With Bitwig Studio, you’re in command of a workflow that works best for you.
Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.8
NEW Added Post Recording Actions to clip launcher which are activated after a specified duration has been recorded. This can be used to record clips of a predetermined fixed length as well as to record multiple takes automatically to multiple clips.
FIXED Crash when changing drum machine preset for another preset using the popup browser and having previously selected a pad that does not have a chain in the preset selected.
FIXED Phase is inverted when recording audio from an external source using ASIO at 24-bit.
FIXED Muted clips are not visually distinguishable from unmuted clips in clip launcher.
FIXED Creating a clip in the clip launcher using different time signature than 4/4 still creates a clip with 4 quarters duration.
FIXED When importing MIDI files the clip length should be calculated from the content instead of from MIDI metadata.
FIXED When opening timeline context menu only update time selection when clicking outside of selected time range, otherwise delete command will not work correctly for automation.
FIXED Exporting MIDI file should ignore muted notes.
FIXED Zoom to fit leaves too much space in timeline editors.
FIXED Clip launcher note editor sometimes jumps to time before content start when stopping playback with playback follow enabled.
FIXED Moving multiple continuous clips with "automation follows clips" activated creates unneccessary automation dots at the boundries of the clips.
FIXED When clicking on header area of a drum note lane that does not contain notes, it should also reset the time selection to avoid accidental deletion with standby time selection.
FIXED Instrument notes are not truncated at the clip boundry when consolidating.
FIXED Pasting text from the clipboard on OSX does not work.
FIXED Free running automation is not shown correctly in content preview section of launcher clips.
FIXED When there is a long list of items that needs to be scrolled in a menu it is not possible to select menu items using touch that are not visible.
FIXED Changing track color while detail editor being open does not repaint notes.
FIXED Macro section displays "Default Preset" after loading a saved VST preset via the popup browser into an existing VST plugin.
FIXED Projects with editors set to triplets don't show correct value in grid subdivision fields.
FIXED Notes in drum MIDI files that have zero length should be interpreted as 16th when importing into Bitwig Studio.
FIXED Controller API: Crash when creating named device cursors from onMidi callback.
FIXED Controller API: crash when using device layer bank.
FIXED Effect track is called audio track in context menu.
FIXED Regression: pasting text does not work on OSX.
FIXED On Linux the window shifts down by the size of the title bar each time the application is started.
FIXED Crash if bouncing a track region in place and before the bounce has completed deleting the track.
FIXED Moving notes by a tiny amount using the inspector creates lots of duplicates.
FIXED Some devices get clipped along the bottom edge when scaling is not 100%.
FIXED Playhead starts in wrong position and not from the blue play marker after bounce.
FIXED Importing corrupt midi files that have track names that contain the null character results in a project that cannot be opened once saved.
FIXED Dragging a track from one project to another that referered to a sample that was collected and saved on a different machine in the source project would not find the samples when dropped in the destination project.
FIXED When saving a new clip the BPM is set to 110 and not the project's current tempo.
FIXED Not possible to move the loop start for a clip beyond bar 250 using inspector but dragging loop region allows this.
FIXED Undo history breaks if you move an automation point and hit the right mouse key while doing so.
FIXED Rare crash when deleting a track or moving it out of it's group.
FIXED OSX engine crash when scanning certain audio devices.
FIXED Sometimes engine crashes on OSX when connecting to document.
FIXED Crash when trying to select parent device via controller API.
FIXED Automation recording would be turned on by punch in or end of pre-roll if "Write Automation on Record" setting was on in preferences but this should only apply when the user manually turns on the record button.
FIXED Controller API: selecting layers in device layer bank does not work correctly.
FIXED Controller API: allow to launch either group track scenes or the clips of the group's master track via clip launcher interface.
FIXED Controller API: observer for clip launcher slot selected state does not report correct value when pointing cursor track to another track.
FIXED Favouriting an item in the browser column scrolls back to the selected item in the list.
FIXED Pinning device for a selected preset in popup browser would not allow unpin if the plugin no longer existed.
FIXED Hardware FX does not report latency to PDC.
FIXED A duplicated audio track reverts to the first hardware input if the source track had another hardware input selected.
FIXED Crash when duplicating additive tempo modulation points inside a clip on the clip launcher.
FIXED Potential crash when deleting time in arranger.
FIXED Controller API: siblings track bank sometimes not scrolls to the correct section when selecting tracks.
FIXED Using forward slashes ("/") in track names leads to the creation of subdirectories when exporting audio.
FIXED Sensitive area for dragging start/end of events is too small on hi-res displays.
FIXED Controller API: devices on group tracks are not accessible using cursor device.
FIXED Controller API: macros of devices in FX slots cannot be accessed when slot is closed in the GUI.
FIXED Dragging automation time selection for clip modulation resulted in wrong preview and wrong data inserted on drop.
FIXED If you get an error saving a project when closing it the project should not be closed.
FIXED Controller API: cursorTrack.addCanSelectNextObserver reports the same value as addCanSelectPreviousObserver.
FIXED Controller API: crash when selecting parent device using Push4Bitwig script.
FIXED Triplet notes were getting truncated during playback when shuffle is on.
FIXED When opening a project containing a VST the preset name always says "Default Preset" instead of the last selected preset the VST had when saved.
FIXED Regression: License registration window for u-he plugin is broken.
FIXED Overdubbing of launcher clips is broken.
FIXED Controller API: crash when calling selectFirstInSlot on named device cursor.
FIXED Pitchbend does not get converted to note expressions anymore.
FIXED ASIO: Crash with a buffer-size of 2048 samples when using a Steinberg audio interface.
FIXED Clicking on clip launcher scene clears the note editor content in tablet mode.
FIXED Stop button on group track in clip launcher is not lit, so looks like you can't press on it.
FIXED If you bounce a note clip that is recorded with preroll all bounces contain one bar of silence at the beginning of the bounced audio file.
FIXED Recording with punch in and pre-roll causes clips to be recorded on the arranger with negative time.
FIXED Audio engine always crashes if user selects weird buffer sizes on ALSA.
FIXED Pasting of clip modulation inserts wrong data.
FIXED Controller API: crash when diving into FX layers using Push4Bitwig script.
FIXED Note length changes whe single-clicking inspector note length field for a multiselection.
FIXED Eraser tool affects all layers in layered audio editor instead of just the target layer.
FIXED Using punch out results in instrument track recording stopping slightly before the loop end.
FIXED Controller API: cursor device does not work on tracks that have been created by a track bank.
FIXED When dropping raw audio events into a clip the successive audio event sometimes gets deleted.
FIXED When clicking + button in a drum pad and selecting the same device as the last one inserted in the drum machine the device would not be inserted in the pad.
FIXED Controller API: crash when trying to access MIDI port with invalid index.
FIXED Crash due to being able to create a feedback loop by moving tracks between track groups that would cause more than one feedback loop.
FIXED Potential engine crash on OSX when scanning core audio hardware devices.
FIXED Audio on Windows creates pops, crackles and slurring in 1.3.6 but worked in 1.3.5.
FIXED Regression: Notes are sometimes getting played twice (note from start of loop creeps in at end) when a clip is looping .
FIXED Control Surface Scripting API does not open anymore from help menu in 1.3.6 on windows.
FIXED Controller API: potential crash in siblings track bank (Push4Bitwig script).
FIXED Audio Engine crash when reading from disk failed.
IMPROVED Added support for track and instrument name metadata to MIDI file import.
IMPROVED Much lower memory usage and better overall application performance on OSX.
IMPROVED Don't have separate browser, inspector, mapping browser for each mode (PLAY, EDIT, ARR, MIX) in the tablet profile. Instead just one for all of the modes.
IMPROVED Support Jack input and output latency compensation.
IMPROVED Show path to selected file in popup browser and make it clickable to select a parent folder.
IMPROVED Rescan plugin option not available for shelled plugins and only shown in presets browser not in device browser.
IMPROVED Made touch-tap recognition more reliable on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 and other devices with very high pixel-density.
IMPROVED Improved algorithm used for delay-compensation including fixes for modulation routing and complex side-chaining.
IMPROVED Touch: The radial gestures menu for devices in the device chain is now only available from the device header, as it was too easy to move/copy devices by accident. .

Homepage: http://downloads.bitwig.com

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