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Zenhiser Progressive House Hooks WAV
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Zenhiser Progressive House Hooks WAV
Zenhiser Progressive House Hooks WAV | 799 MB

Supercharged from the word go 'Progressive House Hooks' is our most euphoric progressive house pack with drops like no other. Crammed full of 380 inspirational loops this sample pack is the key to melodic heaven. 'Progressive House Hooks' really does rock and as the name suggests it is Progressive House Heaven, there is nothing like it out there. Crammed full of amazing hooks we reckon with this sample pack you won't be running out of ideas for a long long time, and as everything is separated into it's own folders you can choose just how much or as little you wish to use. Love a bassline and drum beat of one hook but want to put your own spin on the top line, no problem, just use the progressive house samples of your choice. Think a synth loop rocks and want to add it to your already in production track, once again 'Progressive House Hooks' is here to save the day!
As you know we are big fans of the Progressive House sound here at Zenhiser, that's why we are pumping out some incredible peak time packs this year and 'Progressive House Hooks' sits proudly with the best on our virtual shelves. So if you want peak time synths, basslines and pounding beats then this is definitely the sample pack for you.

Progressive House Hooks specs:

Progressive House Bass Loops - 60
Progressive House Drum Loops - 180
Progressive House Full Loops - 60
Progressive House FX - 20
Progressive House Synth Loops - 60

All loops within 'Progressive House Hooks' are tempo synced to 128bpm and contain the key information in the filename's for ease of use.

All audio files within this Zenhiser pack are 24bit 44.1khz wav

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