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Freshly Squeezed Samples Dave Parkinson House Essentials WAV MiDi Logic Pro X
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Freshly Squeezed Samples Dave Parkinson House Essentials WAV MiDi Logic Pro X
Freshly Squeezed Samples Dave Parkinson House Essentials WAV MiDi Logic Pro X | 7.11 GB

Produced in collaboration with production heavy weight Dave Parkinson, we are proud to present Dave Parkinson House Essentials.
Over the years Dave has collaborated with the likes of Mark Knight, D.Ramirez, Paul Thomas, Felix Da House cat and many other talented producers, so it made sense for his next product to be one dedicated to house music. The sample pack covers a wide range of house sub genres including deep, future, classic, tech and uplifting variants. The full package weighs in at just under 10GB (uncompressed) and is literally overflowing with creative inspiration from one of the most established and sought after producers in the scene today.

For anyone unfamiliar with Dave’s work, for the past 25 years he has worked and collaborated with many of the leading names in the industry including Simon Patterson, John Askew, Jordan Suckley, Paul Oakenfold, Mark Knight, Eddie Bitar, Tall Paul and many, many others. His discography spans the entirety of dance music, covering almost every genre imaginable from house to trance, to more traditional indie band music. His knowledge of engineering, production and ‘tightness’ of his mixes is simply unparalleled, being behind some of the most prolific dance tracks of the last twenty years and rocking clubs for equally as long.

With this sample pack we wanted to capture the ‘true’ Dave Parkinson signature sound and well over a year of hard work have went into making this product possible. We strongly feel Dave went above and beyond in terms of quality and usability and has truly brought the entirety of his sound palette to a much wider audience. We actually like to think of this sample library as four individually crafted products seamlessly combined to deliver a truly innovative, hybrid and up-to-date library of sounds and inspiration for your studio sessions.

For anyone after truly cutting edge, modern sounding house sounds you simply can’t go wrong with this product - when you see the shear amount of content included it’s literally a no-brainer and you know from the first sample it’s something truly game changing.

Sample Pack Content

First off we have a complete and comprehensive sample pack containing thousands of drum one shots (kicks, open hats, closed hats, snares, cymbals, percussion, etc.), hundreds of drum, percussion and top loops, a highly comprehensive FX section (all neatly categorised, named and labelled), actual usable melodic and bass line loops (each provided with associated MIDI files and in most cases presets), hundreds of synth, bass and stab one shots, synth presets and much more.

Every sample is clearly named and numbered with appropriate BPM and key labelling information appended to each filename. Along with this, all files are carefully categorised into a well thought out folder structure in classic Freshly Squeezed Samples style, so it’s both quick and easy to find the sound you are looking for in during those late night studio sessions.

Drum One Shots

All drum one shot samples are engineered to pristine quality and diverse enough to use across a wide range of house sub genres.

150x Claps
150x Closed Hats
50x Cowbells
50x Crash Cymbals
350x Kicks
150x Open Hats
200x Percussion One Shots
50x Reverse Cymbals
50x Rides
50x Shakers
150x Snares
50x Tambourines
150x Toms

Drum & Percussion Loops

The drum and percussion loop section is hugely expansive, with the individual loops split equally across 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129 and 130 BPM tempo ranges making them suitable for all sub genres of house (and dance music in general). Each folder contains completely unique loops for that specific BPM. All loops are available in full, stripped and percussion only variants for easy mixing and matching in your productions.

700x Total Drum/Percussion Loops
200x Full Drum Loops (including kick)
200x Stripped Loops
200x Percussion Loops
50x Shaker Loops
50x Drum Fills


Dave is well known for his innovative, creative manipulation of FXs and the FX section is arguably a complete sample library in its own right. All the FX are broken down into easy to navigate sub folders for quickly finding the transition or one shot you need to spice up your track.

100x Atmospheres
50x Down Lifters
50x Hit FX
50x Impact FX
50x Uplifters
20x Vinyl FX
50x White Noise FX

Synth One Shots & Stabs

Want to get a tighter bass drop at your climax? Use bass one hits in your sampler for tighter envelope control and more punch in your mix. All the one shots are engineered to perfection and instantly usable straight out of the box.

200x Bass Hits (key labelled)
50x Brass Hits
150x Synth Stabs
100x Tech Stabs

Vocal Samples

Vocal hits and loops can be the secret ingredient needed to spice an otherwise lacking breakdown, not to mention adding drive to your build ups and climaxes. Used correctly vocal loops can turn a track from average to epic.

150x Vocal Hits
100x Vox Loops

Bass Loops

Dave has been behind some of the most prolific bass lines and drops in the dance music history and this section of the sample pack truly showcases his ability to sculpt and compose bass sequences that truly rock your low, mid and top end. Every bassline loop is key labelled, with all MIDI files included for each loop (including the individual layers).

The bass loops are organised by BPM, spanning across 8 separate tempos.

160x Bassline Loops
171x Bassline MIDI Files

Synth Loops

Stuck for inspiration? Dig into Dave’s synth loops to instantly get your creative juices flowing. The synth loops are split across all eight BPM ranges with each loop written specifically for the given tempo. A large majority of these melodies are fundamentally "Song starters” with some truly creative melody writing showcased in each one.

All synth loops come with corresponding MIDI files so you can quickly chop and change to fit your own tracks.

160x Synth Loops
209x Synth Loop MIDI Files

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