Cymatics FX Toolkit Vol.1 WAV
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Cymatics FX Toolkit Vol.1 WAV
Cymatics FX Toolkit Vol.1 WAV | 482 MB

Introducing Cymatics’ highest quality FX…
One of the best feelings in production is when your buildup leads in to your drop perfectly, and a major part of that is the FX.

We have compiled the best risers, impacts, white noise and more that the Cymatics sound designers have made lately and put them all in one pack!

With over 300 royalty free samples in this pack, you will have more than enough FX for all your productions.

Included in this pack:

75 Risers
75 Impacts
25 Downlifters
25 White Noise
50 Foley FX
25 Buildup Drums
25 Misc FX

P2P | June 14 2016

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