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Splice Sounds Just Blaze Drumkit WAV
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Splice Sounds Just Blaze Drumkit WAV
Splice Sounds Just Blaze Drumkit WAV | 125 MB

Just Blaze’s signature production can be found in practically every corner of the Hip Hop world, from Beyonce and Jay Z to Kanye West, Cam’ron and Eminem. After releasing some of his classic drum samples with Meow the Drums, Blaze is back with an exclusive pack of all-new material for Hip Hop and beyond.
Just Blaze: "After so many fake kits floating around for years I couldn't take it anymore! I'm super excited to partner with Splice to bring you guys 'Meow The Drums' along with this new set of personally crafted sounds. I wanted to create a set that didn't feel specific to any one genre and could be of use no matter what you're feeling at the moment. Oh, there's also a few more sounds from some of my classics hidden in here. Dig in.. And as always, HAPPY DRUMMING YALL!"

Throw down some heavy trap with distorted 808 bass and huge claps. Cook up some lush hip hop beats with an enormous drum selection. Build dancefloor bangers with epic synth hits and transitions. Just Blaze shows his true colors with this collection - constantly innovating, never compromising.

With Splice Sounds, you’ll get exclusive access to over 100 fresh drum hits, synth oneshots, musical loops and FX straight from Just Blaze’s studio. Prepare yourself for som

P2P | July 12 2016

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