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loops de la creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2 KONTAKT
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loops de la creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2 KONTAKT
loops de la creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2 KONTAKT | 780 MB

When the original Clap Pack Deluxe was released in 2012, it was highly praised for the natural, organic way the claps were recorded, programmed and triggered. Now the CLAP PACK DELUXE 2 takes this great realism one step further, and offer 13 improved ultra realistic instruments:
Features group claps, finger snaps, and 5 categories of single claps

15 round-robins for maximum authenticity

Natural dynamic response

Every instrument features a minimum of 24 playing zones:


Most instruments feature a built-in arpeggiator. With preset patterns and easy to use controls, you will be able to instantly create realistic grooves!

Press different keys and use various velocities to perform and improvise rhythms in a very intuitive and organic way.

24 rhythmic multis (nkm) explore the huge potential of the arpeggio, and offer practical basic patterns and complex responsive grooves.


The samples in CLAP PACK DELUXE 2 have been recorded over the last 14 years, in various studios, stages and rooms across several continents. What you get is the most impressive collection of organic handclaps and finger snaps in the industry. From totally dry sounds to ground-breaking binaural samples, the library offers 52 folders of beautifully recorded sounds.

5 practical 'sound banks' instruments let you quickly access and audition hundreds of samples.

gang claps, wide stereo snaps, binaural claps, stomach claps, vintage room claps, tight group claps, electronic claps, power mixed 'stacks', dry snaps, dark claps, thin claps, glove claps, group snaps, reamped claps, live room claps, regie claps...


Use one of 5 'APPLAUSE' instruments to perform and control the sound of an audience clapping in real time. (Binaural sound, ModWheel control)

2 'DYNAMIC LAYERS' instruments let you control the number of simultaneous claps and snaps with velocity

Always find new inspiration with 16 layered multis (nkm) (audience claps, wide snaps, drum machine emulation, dub claps, footsteps simulator, huge impacts...)

Use one of 2 'ADD-ON LAYERS' instruments to tastefully add 'bite' or 'body' to the claps and snaps

and more...

The sequel to loops de la creme's most popular library!

get access to the most impressive claps and snaps sample collection in the industry
perform human-like claps, snaps and group claps with breath-taking realism
easily improvise and create inspiring rhythms
control the dynamics and intensity of an audience clapping with the mod wheel
and much more…
3960 samples
70 Kontakt instruments (Kontakt 5.3.3 needed)
total size: 1.17GB
full version 1 included (for Kontakt 4.2.4+)

FANTASTiC August 11 2016

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