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Rankin Audio Ultimate DnB Drums WAV
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Rankin Audio Ultimate DnB Drums WAV
Rankin Audio Ultimate DnB Drums WAV | 273 MB

Rankin Audio returns all cylinders firing with this latest high octane DnB drum loops pack that takes in the whole gamut of this multi faceted scene.
Our producer, who works professionally alongside some of the best in drum and bass, has provided a huge selection of individual loops and hits that will suit each and every sub genre DnB has to offer. Every expertly conceived drum loop is delivered as a full loop as well as top/percussion and soloed kick and snare versions so you can mix and match to your heart's content. This means almost limitless variations for totally new and exciting grooves and all at a standard 172bpm.

We've also gone to the effort to categorise each loop into specific sub genre folders including Neuro, Liquid, Experimental/Halftime and Jump Up which makes finding that perfect drum groove a waltz in the park!

Sat along side the loops is a serious collection of single hit drums all lovingly processed to sound incredible straight out of the box and give you all the flexibility and potential you could ever need.

Tech Specs:

24Bit Quality
195 Drum and Percussion Loops
192 Drum Hits

Please Note: only Drum & Percussion Loops and Samples are included. Other sounds in the Demo are for illustration purposes.

P2P | August 21 2016

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