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Cinematique Instruments Fabrique KONTAKT
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Cinematique Instruments Fabrique KONTAKT
Cinematique Instruments Fabrique KONTAKT | 317 MB

Fabrique is a real-time pattern module for creating complex and inspiring musical elements within seconds. Whether you are either searching for the basis for a score cue or for a sophisticated add-on percussions loop or you are just trying to look up organic loops, atmospheric soundscapes or tonal movements or you just wanted to get inspired for a new piece of music, Fabrique provides almost every possibilities according to all these needs. But even if you are not feeling like creating your own pattern, there are available over one 170 presets, ready to be played.
Fabrique includes three different kind of modules which varies in genre and amount of sounds: Firstly there is the PRIME, which covers the wide range of cinematic music and song production, secondly there is the URBAN which meets the needs of dub and pop music and finally the maverick one called EERIE which provides pattern and sounds for horror and dramatic purposes.

Although Fabrique is a very complex and versatile tool, it is anyhow very simple and intuitive to use. All control and operating elements are easily accessible, so that you can quickly and easily create or edit your pattern according to your own requirements.

How does Fabrique work?

Fabrique is a 32 step sequencer equipped with 3 separate tracks which are playing simultaneously. Track 1 and 2 are midi generators - track 3 is an audio loop player. In order to let Fabrique play notes you just move up and down bars of a table. The table is a perfect tool to set notes because you can clearly see at which positions notes are played or not. Besides that, Fabrique provides a wide assortment of tools for quickly shaping the sound of either the individual track or the whole pattern. There are plenty of easy-to-use options available for each track: pitching notes, either of the whole track or every note or randomly, changing the length of notes, adding reverb or delay, setting a low and high pass filter and putting automatic frequency envelopes over the whole track. Further more there are available 4 master fx switches to modify the entire sound of the pattern.

Content and Instruments

Fabrique comes along with a huge amount of sounds which can separatly load into each track. You can feed the first two tracks with over 75 instruments (Prime has 48 instruments, the Urban versions contains 24, the Eerie 18). There are instruments both in 5 times round robin variations and single sounds – all in various velocity layer. The instruments are categorized in tonal sounds, deep or high percussion and experimental sounds and noises. Beside several new sounds such as a paper roll, a kalimba, a water drop, bass drums, a mallet drum, a bongo, a darabuka, an electric guitar etc. Fabrique contains some high light sounds of our recent library such as Guitar Harmonics, Kantele, The Bowl and some more. The audio track is equipped with 27 tempo-synced audio loops in the Prime version (the urban version contains 17 loops and the eerie 12 loops). Please download a high-resoluted image of Fabrique Primehere (3MB).

additional instruments: Alto Glockenspiel, Guitar Harminics, Magnus Harmonica, Gecko Cheap Keys, Sapphire und Wine Glass, live guitars and vox


additional: Human Sounds and Guitars :)

additional: just Voice

additional: just external strings

Fabrique Overview List

•3 kind of Fabrique: Prime, Urban and Eerie
•Over 70 single instruments and 50 audio loops
•3 tracks per module
•CPU friendly (no additional loading), low memory
•Easy and intuitive use
•Flexible Master Section (bar size, tempo, shuffle)
•Multi Mode-able with free definable 'run' key
•Separate solo function
•Enhanced playability and intuitive programming possibilities
•Separate sound shaping options (volume, pitch, length filter, reverb, dealay, envelope)
•Partially Randomization
•over 170 presets

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