Epic SoundLab - Maliki (KONTAKT)
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Epic SoundLab - Maliki (KONTAKT)
Epic SoundLab - Maliki (KONTAKT) | 5.48 GB

Maliki - a collection of epic drum loops arranged into 20 topics grouped in 4 sections and hybrid acoustic percussion instruments. Arranged Maliki Ramia, each theme consists of 10 sections, where each section is a part of a musical composition. Within each theme, you can play as a full set or as a single instrument. In addition, Maliki comes with a collection of over 600 MIDI-files, single drum, to allow you to write your own drum tracks.
- 20 Themes
- 10 Parts per theme
- 4 Acoustic and Hybrid Drums (powered by The Forge Lite)
- Virtual Stage
- Mix Recall
- 1600 WAV Loops
- 660 MIDI Files
Kontakt 5.4.3

Publisher: Epic SoundLab
Website: www.epicsoundlab.com/maliki

Категория: » Мультимедиа

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