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Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds v2.1 UPDATE KONTAKT
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Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds v2.1 UPDATE KONTAKT
Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds v2.1 UPDATE KONTAKT | 261 MB

True Legato for all instruments and ensembles
Powerful 8x RR Staccatoand StaccatissimoPatches
Playable Runs and pre-recorded scale runs (tempo synced)
DIVISI concept with 2nd and up to 3rd instruments
Trills Orchestrator with up to never before recorded 5th trills
Up to 3 different vibrato styles
Controllable key and wind noises
NEW: Measured Trills(tempo synced and available up to the 5th interval! (HT, WT, min3rd, maj3rd, 4th, perfect 4th, 5th)

120 GB of samples(67 GB compressed)
24Bit / 48KHz Patches
Works with the free Kontakt Player 5.5.1or Kontakt 5.5.1


Berlin Woodwinds has True Legato (interval sampling) for all instruments and sections! To achieve the highest level of realism and detail, we have recorded every interval up to an octave. That means you will hear the natural transitions from one note to another. Every true legato patch is sampled with three dynamic crossfade layers!

Add key noises
We have recorded the instruments' key noises of every note. You can add key noises to your legato playing with a dedicated knob on the GUI.


BWW?s concept of building ensembles or divisi parts offers you the highest value of flexibility. Additional recorded ensembles like the flutes and clarinets enhance this concept and make possible the creation of special patches, like the RUNS BUILDER and ensemble runs.

Berlin Woodwinds includes the following instruments:
- Piccolo
- 1st Flute
- 2nd Flute
- 3rd Flute
- Flute Ensemble 8va, a3

- 1st Oboe
- 2nd Oboe
- English Horn

- 1st Clarinet
- 2nd Clarinet
- Clarinet Ensemble a3

- 1st Bassoon
- 2nd Bassoon

Requirements: Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds v1.1 KONTAKT + Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds v1.6 UPDATE KONTAKT
1. Copy files into folder
2. Enjoy

P2P | Oct 14 2016

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