LinPlug MorphoX 1.1.0
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LinPlug MorphoX 1.1.0

LinPlug MorphoX - позволяет выполнять неслыханное преобразование звука. Морфинг прост, в режиме реального времени Вы можете резко измененять звуки. С помощью LinPlug MorphoX легко создавать свои собственные звуки морфинга. При создании программы были отобраны самые лучшие звукодизайнеры для создания 600 заводских пресетов.

Don't get stuck in complexity, with MorphoX you just need the modulation wheel and the keys to experience yet unheard expression and transformation in sound. Morphing made simple, in realtime, drastic changes in sound, right at your morph wheel.

When you experience the sound sculptures of MorphoX you wont believe its just a quite simple subtractive synth with chorus, delay and an arpeggiator. Its dead easy to create your own morphing sounds.

To get you started we hired some of the finest sounds designers to create more than 600 factory presets.

- the sound can be continuously morphed between two individual sounds including effects using the modulation wheel.
- powerfull yet easy to operate subtractive sound engine with many extraordinary modulation options (its a LinPlug)
- Stereo Filter with simultaneous low pass, band pass and high pass and Filter FM
- Modulation Matrix (10 routings, 20+ sources, 40+ destinations)
- user programable 16 step Arpeggiator
- Microtonal support (TUN file import)

A PC computer with at least 1 GHz CPU (2 GHz recommended)
An AU or VST capable host software (DAW), like Cubase, Logic, Orion, FL Studio etc
MorphoX itself requires about 40 Mb memory only (first instance, 15 Mb for all additional instances)
a Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (1280 x 800 or better recommended)
Any Intel Processor or Windows XP and newer, any Processor
MorphoX comes as both native 32 bit and 64 bit plugin

Дата: 2014
Платформа: Windows All
Интерфейс: Английский
Лекарство: Patch.and.Serial-R2R
Размер: 10,92 Мб

Скачать: LinPlug MorphoX 1.1.0

Категория: » Аудио редакторы
Теги: LinPlug, MorphoX

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