Screen Reader 2.1.6
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Screen Reader 2.1.6

Screen Reader - легкий текст-в-речь плеер, который делает воспроизведение легким для всех.

Screen Reader is a lightweight text-to-speech player that makes play back easy for everyone.

Keyboard hotkey and hover button available from any application
Visual speech progress lets you track what you hear
Use the list interface to skip regions of text
Works with Windows text-to-speech voices that are installed and enabled
Adjustable speed for faster or slower speech
Record speech to Wav or MP3 format
Convenient volume control
Screen brightness control

Дата: 2015
Ключ: FREE
Язык: английский
ОС: Windows 7/Vista/XP/8
Размер: 1.7 Mb

Screen Reader 2.1.6
Категория: » Проигрыватели
Теги: Screen, Reader

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