Stremio 3.6.2 + Portable
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Stremio 3.6.2 + Portable

Stremio - удобный вариант для просмотра любимых фильмов, видео, телевизионных каналов и сериалов с минимальной буферизацией. У вас есть возможность сохранять содержимое в вашей собственной личной библиотеки, которая может быть синхронизирована с другими устройствами. Stremio позволяет легко импортировать контент из Facebook и с локального диска.

Stremio is a convenient option for watching your favorite movies, videos, TV channels and TV series with minimal buffering. You have the ability to save content to your own personal library that can be synced with your other devices. There is also a board which will present you with recommendations relating to your library as well as any notifications that may arise. Stremio allows you to easily import content from Facebook and your local disk.

It also has some readily available add-ons that can be used to enhance the overall experience - the real gem here, in my opinion, is Guidebox which allows you to view movies and TV shows from Hulu, Netflix, iTunes and others. You can also elect to view videos from the numerous Youtube channels out there.... Like the MajorGeeks channel for instance. :)

Stremio Features:
Watch Instantly in HD
Click and play your favourite movies, TV Shows, videos and TV channels
Automatic Subtitles
Stremio automatically picks synced subtitles for your language
Play on TV & mobile devices
Cast to AppleTV, Chromecast, Smart TV (DLNA/UPnP) and mobile devices

ОС: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64-bit)
Язык интерфейса: ML/Русский
Лекарство: Не требуется
Размер: 63.2/64.7 Mb

Stremio 3.6.2

Stremio 3.6.2 Portable
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