Drive Manager 4.20 Portable
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Drive Manager 4.20 Portable

Drive Manager - Менеджер жесткого диска. Данная программа позволяет в режиме реального времени получать информацию о вашем жёстком диске и всех разделах, находящихся на нём. Поддерживается работа сразу с несколькими физическими винчестерами. При необходимости можно посмотреть данные и о CD/DVD приводах, подключённых в системе.

If you have lots of drive letters, such as mapped network drives, USB memory sticks, smart media and compact flash, CD / DVD then this utility will help you differentiate them. Drive Manager has been written to help you easily identify drives in Windows. As well as displaying the volume label it also displays vendor information so that multiply CD/DVD drives and removable drives such as USB memory drives can be differentiated by their vendor and product Id. Drive Manager also brings together lots of drive related functionality in one utility. Functionality such as hiding drive letters, substituting drive letters for folders and disk information.


Percentage Free column.
Hard disk serial number
CD ROM Doors open + close.
Lock / Unlock CD ROM / DVD drives.
Not mounted drives listed in grey with disks not inserted.
Time and date.
Map / Disconnect network drives.
Hide / Unhide drives from explorer.
See drives which are hidden.
Drive properties dialog on right click.
Create / Remove a substitute drive letter for a local folder.
Hidden drives displayed in blue.
Launch Windows Search
Drives with less than 5% available are displayed in red.
Vendor details: Vendor Name, Product Id, Revision, Vendor Spec
Bus Type: enables you to see how your drives are connected to your system

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ОС: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
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Размер: 1.4 Mb

Drive Manager 4.20 Portable

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