SynWrite 6.26.2420 + Portable
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SynWrite 6.26.2420 + Portable
SynWrite 6.26.2420 + Portable | 27 Mb

SynWrite is a free source code editor, HTML editor, and Notepad replacement for Windows systems. It is a full-featured alternative not only to simple Notepad, but also to professional editors.
* Syntax highlighting for lots of languages
* Fully customizable highlightings
* Code folding
* Tree structure view for source code
* Support for almost all encodings
* Auto-completion
* Code templates
* Clipboard history panel
* Search, replace with regular expressions
* Search, replace in multiple files
* External tools support
* Document mini-map feature
* Strings extraction feature
* Customizable hotkeys
* Bookmarks
* Keyboard macros
* Spell checking
* Zen Coding support
* HTML Tidy support
* and more...

Whats New:
* change: removed built-in commands for commenting; preinstalled plugin Comments (with even more commands, and Config dialog)
* change: removed built-in Sort cmds: plugin Sort does better job (more opts)
+ improved lexers: C#, Bash, reST
+ updated SynFTP (thanks tbeu)
+ api (for lexer props)
* some api deprecated

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