Desktop Reminder 2.118 + Portable
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Desktop Reminder 2.118 + Portable
Desktop Reminder 2.118 + Portable | 40.3 Mb

Desktop Reminder is a user-friendly software utility whose main purpose is to help you organize your activities on levels of priority and urgency, schedule tasks and display event alerts for the items on your calendar. The application is quite simple to understand and handle, making it very easy for you to add new tasks in your daily planner in just a few clicks, while the calendar in the lower part of the window is quite useful in helping you quickly establish various event dates, mark special days and define their type.
When adding a new entry on your to-do list, you can assign it a description and place it in a category ('Important', 'Business', 'Personal', 'Vacation', 'Anniversary', 'Needs Preparation' and several others). You can also set the date and time, a recurrence pattern ('Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly' or 'Yearly') and an urgency level, warning you of the approaching event in advance, for a user-defined period before its actual occurrence.
Moreover, you have the option of pressing the 'Snooze' button when a notification appears, so you can finish your current activity, and only afterward deal with the item in your plan. Similarly, Desktop Reminder can play a sound alarm as a means of alerting you of the task; you can use the default profile or you can customize it, by choosing an audio file you prefer.
Completed tasks on your list can be marked as 'Done', which will delete them from your list. The 'Search' function enables you to quickly locate an item in your numerous entries, simply by inputting the keyword. Desktop Reminder will filter all records according to the entered criteria and show the matching results.
To conclude, Desktop Reminder is a useful and effective application meant to help you keep track of your daily todos, recurrent events and project deadlines, while also allowing you to get presents on time and never forget an anniversary again.
* No need to input from/to, start/end time of day for a task,
* 12 month calendar with calendar weeks,
* Task-notification up to few months ahead,
* Automatic time formatting and first day of week, regarding Windows culture and region settings,
* Easy install/uninstall.
New in version 2.118 (March 7, 2016)
* Note can be set in the task list using context menu
* Tasks can be linked to a note in the note editor
* Task can be removed in the alarm window
* Row height in the task list can be customized
* Row height can be automatically adjusted according to the task description
* Additional column - Note - in the task list
* Additional buttons for inserting today's date and current time in the task editor
* Date input field contains additionally day of week
* Cutting/pasting task description using context menu in the task editor
* Tray balloon notification is no more shown after each minimizing the main program window
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bit) and XP

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