CCEnhancer Portable
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CCEnhancer Portable

CCEnhancer - утилита, которая позволяет расширить функциональные возможности по очистке системы в программе CCleaner. Расширение способно добавить в CCleaner более чем 1000 новых приложений. Для полной интеграции CCEnhancer использует файл «winapp2.ini», который распространяется в стандартном дистрибутиве и встроен в CCleaner для простой реализации и добавления плагинов, а также правил и определений для очистки конкретных приложений.

CCEnhancer is a small tool which adds support for over 1,000 new programs into the popular program CCleaner. The tool uses the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs. The rules were sourced mainly from the Piriform Support Forum, with several sourced from other places around the internet. The actual file containing the definitions is not included with the program, but is instead downloaded by the program. Simply press Download Latest and the tool will automatically download the most recent version of the definitions. If CCEnhancer cannot locate the CCleaner.exe file you can open a dialog box and select the page yourself.

The entries created by this tool are not supported by Piriform, the makers of CCleaner. This tool is to be used at your own risk and neither Piriform or SingularLabs cannot be held responsible for any damage caused as a result. These entries were created and tested by users of the Piriform and SingularLabs forums are considered unsupported. If you identify a bad entry, please report it to us on the support forum and we will look into the matter. CCleaner, Piriform & the CCleaner Logo are registered trademarks of Piriform Ltd.

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CCEnhancer Portable
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