UsbFix 7.922 + Portable
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UsbFix 7.922 + Portable

UsbFix - программа для удаления вредоносного ПО, может работать с USB накопителями, картами памяти и прочими переносными устройствами, в том числе с телефонами, смартфонами, камерами. Утилита может бороться с разными видами угроз, например с Conficker, который создает собственный DLL и autorun.inf файлы, после чего они легко могут заразить любое устройство, которое вы подключите к USB. В целом хочу отметить неплохой интерфейс, отличную поддержку, минимальное количество настроек, быстроту сканирования.

UsbFix is a free, malware removal tool that helps you to detect and remove infected USB memory sticks or any other USB removable devices such as external HDD (Hard Drive), phones, smartphones, digital cameras or anything else that connects to your computer or laptop via the USB port. The main advantages of using this utility is the excellent support and features (see below) that will help you to deal with infected USB devices.

Famous malware (virus) threats such as Conficker have the ability to spread using removable devices by making their own DLL and autorun.inf files that will help them to infect any device that offers USB connectivity. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you reinstall your operating system - if your antivirus doesn't recognize the virus on the infected USB device, once you plug-in the USB - you will get the virus. The current version runs on almost all versions of Microsoft Windows such as XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


- excellent support offered directly from the software interface - post your issues on the forum
- great tutorial and articles that will show you how to use the program and deal with malware
- it can detect and remove infections found on your removable devices
- repairs the damaged files such as: registry, hidden files, task manager etc.
- back-up support: it will backup your files and folders.
- regurarly, updated database with latest infections that spreads via removable devices
- Vaccination option: prevents future infections by creating new autorun.inf files on removable drives
- offers protection for all USB peripherals (pendrives, external hard drives, smartphones, memory cards etc.)
- detects and removes most common threats: VBS viruses, worms, trojans, keyloggers, other malware infections
- opens automatically a log file (txt) after each scan or action.

Система: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Лицензия: FreeWare
Дата: 2015
Интерфейс: ML + EN
Размер файла: 5.1/5.2 Mb

UsbFix 7.922

UsbFix 7.922 Portable
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