Eusing Launcher 3.1 + Portable
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Eusing Launcher 3.1 + Portable

Eusing Launcher - удобная утилита для быстрого запуска приложений. Усилия пользователя сводятся к минимуму с помощью настраиваемых ярлыков. Все ярлыки помещаются в круг на поверхности рабочего стола обеспечивая легкий доступ к любимым программам. Чтобы добавить новый ярлык, просто перетащите приложение в один из пустых контейнеров.

Organize all your desktop icons and set them up in any way you want, and arrange them according to your wishes and needs. If you are a Windows user and have a lot of icons placed on the desktop, it may be really difficult to find a certain icon and manage all of them. There is a better way of organizing all your icons on the desktop, using a powerful launcher. Eusing Launcher organizes all the desktop icons in the shape of a circle, allowing you to easily and quickly find any desired icon.

Easily organize all your icons and set them up in any way you want
Offers you the easiest & fastest way to access any program or Windows feature
Quick access to your Windows system directories and Windows accessories
Enable you to organize your work space
Just drag and drop shortcut or program to add
Use the hot key to bring Eusing Launcher to the top
Use the hot key to switch desktop between Eusing Launcher and Windows Desktop
Keyboard shortcuts can help you save time
Fully customizable for the maximum number of icons, the opacity level and size of the shape
Backup the program's settings and the list of icons
Program can be minimized to tray or just stay hidden

Год: 2015
ОС: Win XP/2003/08/Vista/Windows7/8
Язык: Английский
Лекарство: Не требуется
Размер: 3.0/3.5 Mb

Eusing Launcher 3.1

Eusing Launcher 3.1 Portable
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