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Eusing FREE Registry Defrag 2.3 RuS + Portable
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Eusing FREE Registry Defrag 2.3 RuS + Portable

Eusing FREE Registry Defrag - программа для дефрагментации и оптимизации работы реестра. Всем известно - даже при удалении программ размер реестра не изменяется в меньшую сторону, а остается прежним. С установкой новых приложений реестр разрастается, становится всё более фрагментированным. Всё это замедляет работу системы. Eusing Free Registry Defrag решает все эти проблемы быстро и бережно.

Eusing Free Registry Defrag is a free registry defragmentation software that optimizes registry by removing gaps, fragments and wasted space in Windows registry files. Over time the registry becomes larger and larger as new programs are installed, used and removed. Even if this data is deleted from it when applications are uninstalled, the size of the Registry will not decrease. This is because the data will be marked as blank but remains in place. In this way the registry becomes more and more fragmented over time. Registry fragmentation causes overall system performance to decrease. Systems with a fragmented registry will take longer to boot and will use more memory just for processing the registry, resulting in decreased overall performance as other programs are forced to use much slower virtual memory.

Eusing Free Registry Defrag can defragment and compact the Windows Registry in less than a minute. It will scan through the registry to remove any slack space, reducing the registry size and ultimately the amount of RAM the registry takes up, and improving your computer performance. It does NOT change the contents of the registry in any way, nor does it physically defrag the registry files on the drive. The optimization is simply compacting the registry hives to the minimum size possible. The software is free, it's simple to use, and it speeds up your PC.

Key Features

*Improve your Windows PC's overall performance and stability
*Reduce the amount of time it takes your system to boot
*Save memory by compacting the registry
*Prevent registry corruption by building a fresh copy of the registry
*A simple, user-friendly interface with which you can safely compact the registry
*100% Spyware FREE, NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses

Язык интерфейса: ML + RuS
Год выхода: 2014
ОС: Win95, Win98, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Размер: 1.2/1.4 Mb

Eusing FREE Registry Defrag 2.3 RuS


Eusing FREE Registry Defrag 2.3 RuS Portable

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