GhostBuster + Portable
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GhostBuster + Portable

Ghostbuster - удалит неиспользуемые аппаратные записи из реестра. Ghostbuster сканирует реестр, чтобы создать список всех устройств (например, съемные диски, микрофоны, iPodы и т.д.), которые были зарегистрированы по их текущему состоянию.

GhostBuster remove unused hardware entries from the registry. GhostBuster scans your registry to generate a list of all hardware devices (e.g. removable drives, microphones, iPods etc.) that are registered along with their current status. Any devices that are not currently connected to your computer are listed as "Ghosted" and you have the option to remove these entries from the registry. GhostBuster can be helpful if you want to keep your registry clean from obsolete entries or if you want to remove any tracks of previously connected devices for privacy reasons. The program comes with an option to create a System Restore Checkpoint so you can undo the changes if needed.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64-бит)
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GhostBuster + Portable
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